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Diary of an Avatar Parts 1 & 2

These two books entail how my epic story unfolded - in chronological order.

They were released on May 7, 2017

NetGalley Reviews

  •  Liliyana S, Reviewer
  • First, reader be warned there are some very disturbing things discussed in this book.
  • On to the review: The synopsis for this book really undersells it. It's absolutely a standout piece of writing, and the style is unique and pulls you in. Biographies and memoirs are always hit and miss for me, some sliding into the boring end of the pile, but this is certainly top of the greatest hits list. An extremely powerful story that many should read if for no reason other than to broaden their view of the world. 

  •  Yami y, Reviewer
  • Too horrifying and fascinating if the events depicted in the book are true. An   intriguing and gripping read.

  •  PAM T, Reviewer  
  • This is a thriller, edge of seat reading and a roller coaster of a ride, abuse,   intrigue and unsolved deaths, secrets never to be told and devastating when   revealed involving the most powerful people on the planet with powerful jobs.


  • Sarah K, Reviewer
  • Good read, based on a true story. Probably more of a niche book tbh. On the whole, good book.
  • Thank you Netgalley, the author and the publisher for my arc.
  • All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

Setting the record straight

  • To Yami and Sarah, at the start of my book I state the following; “Some of my accounts are astounding. Not even one has been, dramatized. Many were scrutinized for years and relayed exactly as, I remember them.” This is a true story portraying acts of divination and profound future revelations and predictions. I can understand why you feel it was, based on actual events but I assure you these people can deliver. This is why they are such a threat to us all.